Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch

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Introduced to the prairies for ornamental and shelterbelt plantings; some drought resistance.

Latin name: Larix sibirica Ledeb.

Type of tree: coniferous (introduced)

  • Bark (colour and texture): dark brown; scaly
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): needle-shaped; light green; soft, turning golden in fall and shed before winter; needles borne on dwarf twigs in clusters
  • Form: tall; slender; straight tapering trunk; narrow open crown

Height: 20 metres

Growth rate: medium

Fruit and flowers: winged seeds borne in cones 2.5 to 5 cm long

Soil: generally does best on well-drained, light soils

Limitations: new needles flush in early spring; needles turn yellow and drop in fall; appears dormant during winter; poor alkali tolerance; protect during establishment; not suitable for wet or waterlogged sites.