Siberian Crab

Siberian Crab

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Common name: SIBERIAN CRAB; Siberian crabapple

Well adapted to variety of climatic condition; provides high quality cover and nesting sites for birds; provides excellent browse for rabbits, whitetail and mule deer; fruit persists well into winter providing food for birds.

Latin name: Malus baccata (L.) Borkh.

Type of tree: broadleaf (introduced)

  • Bark (colour and texture): smooth, reddish-brown
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): oval; coarsely serrated edges
  • Form: large spreading crown

Height: up to 9 metres in favourable conditions

Growth rate: medium-fast

Fruit and flowers: white showy flowers in early spring; small berry-like reddish fruit

Soil: well adapted to variety of soils; fair alkali tolerance

Limitations: susceptible to fire blight