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Common name: SASKATOON; Serviceberry; Juneberry

Species is drought tolerant once established, and thrives on both sunny and partially shaded sites. This shrub provides both food and cover for a number of birds and wildlife.

Latin name: Amelanchier alnifolia Nutt

Type of tree: broadleaf (native shrub)

  • Bark (colour and texture): smooth, greyish-brown
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): broadly oval to almost circular; 2.5 to 7 centimetres in length; toothed margins
  • Form: upright shrub

Height: 2 to 3 metres

Growth rate: medium

Fruit and flowers: white flowers in early spring; purple berry-like fruit ripens in July

Soil: grows well on wide variety of soils; moderately tolerant of salinity

Limitations: difficult to establish; susceptible to a number of insect and disease problems