Order the exact amount of seedlings you want, rounded to the nearest 10.

Everyone had the same idea this year! We are experiencing extremely high numbers of orders very early this season!  In the first three weeks after opening to accept orders, over 1700 applications have been received which is already nearing the total number of applications received last season! In fact, there were 500 applications in the first 5 hours and nearly 1000 in the first 24 hours!

Many species are already out of stock and are no longer visible in the online application. Many others are nearing this point already.

PLEASE NOTE that wording in the auto generated email sent out after application submission cannot be changed and your order is not confirmed at this time.  Actual allocation of seedlings occurs in February and you will receive a confirmation email from Shand Greenhouse around the end of March 2023 containing a list of what we can fulfil of your order and provide pick-up information.

If you haven't received an email by early April, please check your junk/spam folder.