Hybrid Poplar

Hybrid Poplar

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Common name: Hybrid Poplar

Hybrid of native and European types and crosses; male clone; very fast growth rate; short-lived compared to native deciduous trees.

Latin name: Populus × hybrid

Type of tree: broadleaf (introduced tree)

  • Bark (colour and texture): light grey bark; grows rough when mature with dark bars and fissures 
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): broad, glossy, heart-shaped leaves on reddish brown twigs
  • Form: tall, rather narrow single-stemmed tree

Height: to 25m tall

Growth rate: very fast, to 1m per year

Fruit and flowers: Male clones produce long catkins to 15cm long

Soil: prefers rich, moist soils and well-drained sites; best adapted to prairie parklands

Limitations: short lived; 30 to 50 years; trees on dry sites will be smaller and slower growing than trees on moist sites; will sucker if stressed or damaged; may be susceptible to winter die-back