Terms and Conditions

Seedlings are allocated to customers annually, on a date-received basis, for local delivery in early May.
Applications must be received by February 1st of each year in order to ensure consideration by Shand Greenhouse for spring delivery.
All applications are subject to review and approval.
Shand Greenhouse reserves the right to restrict the number and types of seedlings allocated to projects.
Service may be declined at the discretion of SaskPower/Shand Greenhouse.
Planting projects are subject to inspection by a representative of SaskPower.
Seedlings are provided only for the environmental purposes and locations indicated on the application and are not intended for sale, barter, landscaping, or to satisfy legal requirements.
Promotional seedlings are provided on the condition that credit is attributed to SaskPower as per display media provided.
The collection and use of your personal information for the purposes of providing the services requested are governed by SaskPower’s Privacy Policy.