Photo Credit: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Red Elder

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Common name: RED ELDER

Species is very fast growing and is an excellent wildlife species, providing food for songbirds, upland game birds and squirrels.

Latin name: Sambucus racemosa L.

Type of tree: broadleaf (native shrub)

  • Bark (colour and texture): gray and smooth with a yellowish, brown pith (centre)
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): dark green, compound leaves having 3 to 7 leaflets
  • Form: bushy shrub with arching branches

Height: 2 to 3 metres

Growth rate: very fast

Fruit and flowers: cream coloured flowers in clusters developing into clusters of red, showy berries

Soil: prefers moist, well-drained soils but will tolerate some saturation

Limitations: may experience winter die-back and require pruning to remove dead wood