Paper Birch

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Common name: PAPER BIRCH; White Birch

Saskatchewan's provincial tree; provides food and shelter for a number of birds, and browse for moose and deer.

Latin name: Betula papyrifera (Marsh)

Type of tree: broadleaf (native)

  • Bark (colour and texture): thin; smooth; reddish-brown on young trees, becoming chalky with age; peels easily into sheets
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): triangular or egg-shaped; 8 centimetres long; toothed margins except for about 1.5 centimetres on either side of leaf stem
  • Form: narrow; oval; open crown with slender trunk

Height: 6 to 20 metres

Growth rate: fast

Fruit and flowers: 3 to 4cm long winged seeds found in catkins hang from branches

Soil: does best on moist, well-drained sandy or silty loam soils

Limitations: shade intolerant; susceptible to bronze birch borer and birch die back