Manitoba Maple

Manitoba Maple

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Common name: MANITOBA MAPLE; Box Elder

Provides food and shelter for birds and wildlife throughout year; can be tapped for syrup production.

Latin name: Acer negundo L.

Type of tree: broadleaf (native)

  • Bark (colour and texture): brownish gray to black, becoming furrowed with age
  • Leaves (shape, size, etc.): light green; compound with 3 to 7 irregularly lobed leaflets; leaf arrangement is opposite
  • Form: open spreading crown; main trunk tends to divide near ground, giving appearance of multi-stemmed tree

Height: 6.5 to 14 metres

Growth rate: fast

Fruit and flowers: male and female flowers, borne in clusters on separate trees, developing into straw-coloured paired winged seeds

Soil: performs best in well drained, moist areas

Limitations: not drought tolerant; may die back under dry conditions; prolific seed production can result in weed problems